win4Doors (updated)

win4Doors is an application designed to simplify the timing and benefit you during the phases of architectural modeling (and not only) by running in a few simple clicks, all drilling and modeling. win4Doors, can be used both in modeling only the outer skin of an architectural manufact which in the presence of thick walls. Each Fenestration operation is linked to the creation of a new object Frame and a new object Glass. win4Doors is available in Italian and in English.

System : Win/Mac

Cinema4D : R13, R14

Version : All

Avaliable Version : 1.5

Developer: Caleidos4D







Rewrite Plugin in Python Code Gui RedesignAdd Read and Write presets in external .txt file Add Set as Default for all gui optionsAdd Tab Check for holes in mesh Add Tab Window Sill for Window sill operations


Initial Version