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Wire Fence Generator

Wire Fence Generator is an easy to use Xpresso Setup with lots of features like: Horizontal and Vertical Repeat Count, Set thickness of wire, Width and Height Scale Adjustments, Curve and Depth Adjustments, Set materials quickly using same UI, Wrap wire fence around a spline.

Purchase : http://creativetuts.com/wire_fence_generator/

System : Win and Mac 32,64 bit

Cinema4D : R13+

Avaliable Version : 1.0

Developer : Mehmet Sensoy

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Baluster4D is an application developed to create railings, parapets, balustrades, using a spline as the path. Combining the various parameters and the various ways you can get different types of fences are available.


System : Win/Mac

Cinema4D : R13, R14

Version : All

Avaliable Version : 1.0

Developer: Caleidos4D




Blog: http://caleidos4d.blogspot.it/