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Reeper X

Reeper X is a plugin for creating ropes and similar structures.


System : Win and Mac 32,64 bit

Cinema4D : R12 , R13 (For older versions visit plugin’s source website)

Version : Prime , Broadcast , Visualize , Studio

Avaliable Version : 1.1

How Install : Unzip the File and put the new folder in maxon/cinema4d/plugins

How to Use: Add a spline (like helix) and select Plugins > ReeperX

Drag spline under ReeperX and select ReeperX to make its settings


Source:  http://www.codeworkers.de/garage-plugins-reeperx.html


Download: http://www.c4dscripts.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/reeper_X_1_1_r12_13.zip



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2 Responses to "Reeper X"

  1. Holy moly, this is so cool. Thanks for your contribution! I could play with the settings all day long.

  2. how install it for cad r15?

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