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Procedural Rock Generator


Procedural Rock Generator for C4D V 1.01

You have the following Options so far:

- Resolution controlls for the base object and the HyperNurbs Subdivisions

- Size of the base object

- 2 layers of displacement heights

- Access to all built in C4D noise shaders for deformation

- Controll the noise sizes and seeds

The best noise for the basic shape is “Displaced Voronoi” at a size of 1000 – 1800

Choose a small displacement height for the rock details

For modelling use a mesh subdivision of 50 -100 and for rendering and export a subdivision of 300 – 400

HyperNurbs subdivision is only for smoothing (leave it between 1-2) and gives not more details at high values


System : Win/Mac

Cinema4D : R13, R14

Version : All

Avaliable Version : 1.0

Developer: 16 fingers






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